The baby naming experts at featured some awesome baby naming advice courtesy of an excerpt from The Three Dollar Scholar. The feature titled “Baby Naming Rules: One Man’s Humorous Take” can be read here.

Bobblehead Dad

Bobblehead Dad: Jon Finkel recently appeared as a guest on Jim Higley’s acclaimed radio show, Bobblehead Dad. The interview and accompanying article can be listened to here. [powerpress url=”″]

Two Reasons Why Some Coffee Shop Writers Are the Worst

  IT’S A STARBUCKS, NOT A SLUMBER PARTY OR WHY DUNKIN’ DONUTS RULES Listen, buddy. We all get that you’re a writer. We know you live a freewheeling, freelance lifestyle that doesn’t involve cubicles or a commute or a shirt and tie or a boss or dealing with “people”, but is it too much to ask that you leave your beat up Chuck Taylor’s on …