What It’s Like to Have Your Own Bobblehead Doll

In short, it’s really awesome. Usually only baseball players or famous athletes or members of KISS qualify for the full bobblehead treatment, but lucky for me, when I was best man at my brother’s wedding, he gave me a bobblehead doll with my likeness as a gift. The doll has been on my desk ever since. Most of the time, I smirk when I notice it, just giving a quick nod to its existence. Occasionally, however, I reach over, tap its head, and let the little bobblehead bobble around and do its bobble head thing and I can’t help but laugh because, well, it’s my head doing the bobbling.

Sometimes I like to pretend that it’s my own version of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray… The Bobblehead of Jon Finkel… wherein the bobblehead ages and I get to stay young. But alas, it’s the opposite. The bobblehead Jon Finkel has maintained his youthful, barely-30 glow, while I’m entrenched in my late-30s physical form.

Other times, I like to think of my bobblehead as a voodoo doll and I wonder, if I’m not home, and someone bonks it on the head, do I feel it? Even subconsciously? Just a little?

And at my most day-dreamy moments, I fantasize that in an alternate universe somewhere there’s an alternate version of the movie Major League, and instead of Pedro Cerrano worshipping Jobu, he’s worshipping Jonbu… And in all those close-up scenes, it’s my bobblehead in Cerrano’s locker with a fat cigar in his mouth.



Having your own bobblehead also automatically makes a you a part of the bobblehead fraternity. My friend Jim Higley, AKA, The Bobblehead Dad, is a great writer, an inspiring guy and has made the bobblehead a signature part of his brand. The website Bobbleheads.com can literally turn anyone into a bobblehead. And of course, Abraham Lincoln has his own bobblehead, so I’m in good company.

abe lincoln

Abe Lincoln bobblehead

Like I said, it’s awesome having your own bobblehead.

I recommend getting a Jonbu of your own.

Written by: Jon Finkel

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