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Life of Dad Sports Show Host & Columnist

I host the Life of Dad Sports Show on Facebook Live with my man Art Eddy every Friday at 1pm Eastern. In addition to covering all things dad and all things sports, we have great guests including athletes, authors and celebrities. I also write regular dad-inspired columns for the site HERE.


If you’re reading this, then you probably know that I wrote for pretty much every men’s magazine and fitness magazine on the planet: Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Performance, Flex, GQ, M&F Hers, AskMen.com and so many more.

You also may or may not know that one of my most popular posts of all time is this one:

Why Waking Up at 5:30AM is the Opposite Of Everything I Expected

In fact, that piece was so well-received and widely read that it got me thinking about how many people out there are already exercising before 6AM and how many would like to start.

After some research and asking around, I can tell you the answer: millions of people.

Hence my early morning musings and fitness blog, Sweat Before Six.

If you aren’t into exercise or working out or getting up insanely early, then by all means, stop reading. Believe me, I know it’s not for everyone.


If you’re even just a little curious about the incredible, life-altering effects of getting up at 5am to exercise and dominate your day, please visit my Early Morning Mission Statement page, which explains Sweat Before Six and sign up for my newsletter over there. I’m going to be partnering with some of the biggest names in fitness soon and I’m also going to be doing a series of books, so it’ll be a cool thing to sign up for and keep up with.

Click here to visit the SB46 home page: SweatBeforeSix.com 

If not, I hope you keep enjoying my other books and I appreciate you visiting www.JonFinkel.com.

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Publisher – Beckett Media

I am the publisher at Beckett Media – yes, that Beckett, the baseball card, sports collectible media brand that put out baseball, basketball, football, hockey and a Beckett Sports Card Monthly magazine that you read and memorized as a kid. We’re taking the beloved brand into the modern era and we are up to some really amazing things. Be sure to check out the site and no, the cards you kept from your childhood aren’t worth anything… Ha.