I Don’t Often Write Exclusives On Major National News, But When I Do, It Involves Football

Christopher Sign at Alabama

Through a confluence of events that involved my position as Editor In Chief of FootballMatters.org, the media property for the College Football Hall of Fame and the National Football Foundation, I found myself interviewing Christopher Sign yesterday.

Chris is a television anchor at ABC15 in Phoenix and through hard work, the trust of his sources and the lessons learned under legendary Alabama football Coach Gene Stallings, he found himself at the epicenter of possibly the biggest news story of 2016, involving President Bill Clinton’s attempt at a secret meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch at the Phoenix airport, while his wife, Hillary Clinton faced possible prosecution at the time.

This is not a political story. Those are the facts, confirmed by all involved. Anyway, enough preamble. I thought this story was really interesting and as a writer and fan of actual, though rare, objective journalism, it appears that Christopher Sign did a phenomenal job, and it’s all the more cool that the lessons he learned on the football field helped him stay focused during an onslaught of attacks on his character and credibility.

Here’s the full exclusive on FootballMatters.org:  bit.ly/29vwTjb 

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