Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and Having an Untouchable Winning Mindset

Written by: Jon Finkel I interviewed almost all of the stars involved in the 2012 NBA Finals for a piece in Men’s Fitness about mindset and keeping your cool under pressure. Along with the other reporters, I lobbed questions at LeBron, Wade, Bosh and Durant, but none of my questions concerned the actual games. I was […]

Floyd and his $1,000 haircut

How I Spent $50 to Save $6,000 and 5 Days of My Life

Written By: Jon Finkel Floyd Mayweather reportedly spends $1,000 per haircut, or in other words, $1,000 more per haircut than me. I have paid for less then 5 haircuts in the last twenty years and it isn’t because I starred in the outstanding Barbershop series or that I’m Willie Nelson or that my wife is a barber. […]


Cornell’s Apple Study Proves You Are Smarter than PhDs

Written By: Jon Finkel My headline is true and here’s why: Cornell University, an esteemed Ivy League institution, just spent untold amounts of money and time to prove what every parent of grade-schoolers already knows: kids like sliced apples more than whole apples. Rather than simply asking anyone with kids what their opinion is on […]

Tommy Riles

How Tommy Riles Became Ellen DeGeneres’ Ace Warm-Up Man

Written By: Jon Finkel While the world waits on the cure for the common cold, Ellen DeGeneres has found the cure for the common cold audience: Tommy Riles. Since no comedian wants to enter a chilly room, DeGeneres employs Riles as her warm-up man, a sort of weapon of mass entertainment, released on the audience […]

baseball card

Passing Down My Timeless Love for Baseball Cards

Written By: Jon Finkel The boy is a few months past his 3rd birthday and I figured it was high time I grabbed a pack of Topps and let him experience the joy of opening up new baseball cards. Yeah, he doesn’t know the players or really recognize the teams or understand a single word […]

Grandpa's Pine tar Soap

The Secret to Peak Shower Efficiency and Manliness

Written By: Jon Finkel I invented something a few years ago called the “One Bar Theory”. It’s a theory not as complicated as the one Pythagorus came up with and yet every bit as important as Darwin’s. Here it is: men only need one bar of soap to handle all of their hygienic needs. But wait, […]


Why Animal Planet’s Tanked is Everything Right with America

Written by: Jon Finkel Tanked is a show about fish, only it’s not. It’s about friendships and family. It’s a show about salt water and fresh water tanks, only that’s not it either. It’s about craftsmanship and creativity. It’s a show about a business, kind of, but it’s more about entrepreneurs, passion, success, relationships, connections, sales […]

fat musicians

Why You Should Use ‘Big’ or ‘Fat’ in Your Pen Name

By: Jon Finkel While there are plenty of authors who choose to write under a pen name, perhaps Mark Twain being the most famous (real name: Samuel Clemens), musicians take the cake when it comes to selecting over-the-top pseudonyms. In fact, judging from the names many of them choose, they want pseudonyms that sound like […]

help me help you

Two Huge Freelance Writing Mistakes I’m Tired of Seeing

Written By: Jon Finkel Why Jerry Maguire? Why not, first of all? Second of all, this if from one of my favorite scenes in the movie. It’s from the ‘Help Me, Help You’ scene, where Jerry is begging Rod Tidwell to listen to him, to do what he says, to stop defying him…all in an […]

Drew Rosenhaus, exercise, lure clients

How Drew Rosenhaus Uses Intense Workouts to Lure Clients

Written By: Jon Finkel “What’s more productive, running gassers with my clients and bonding out here, or taking them to a crowded bar somewhere?” Drew Rosenhaus asks as he stops at the goal line on a high school football field between sprints. “When we’re pushing through a workout together, they see that when I say […]