dog swimming

Dog Swimming and the Unbeatable Psychology of Keeping it Simple

I’ve swum with my labrador retriever roughly 5,000 times. The first time was in the Atlantic Ocean in South Florida. Back then my wife and I lived only about a half-mile from the ocean in Delray Beach. Most nights after work I’d take the dog, now simply known as Mr. P, or ‘P’, by the […]

Jon Finkel jumping

The Unexplainable Awesomeness of Jumping High to Touch Stuff

Kid 1: “You think you can touch that?” Kid 2: “Let me see.” And with that, one of the oldest and most enjoyable games in the history of mankind continues. I imagine little 5-year-old cave boys walking out of their caves, tens of thousands of years ago, spotting a tree branch seven-feet off the ground […]

Swim Across America

I Can’t Recommend Giving Back Through Competing Enough

I love swimming so participating in a Swim Across America event to raise money for cancer research was a natural fit. If you love running, triathlons, marathons, golf, biking, CrossFit or whatever, there is no doubt an event that your sport/organization/training facility runs that is affiliated with a charity. Do it. Sign up today. Don’t […]


Why Waking Up at 5:30AM is the Opposite Of Everything I Expected

Written By: Jon Finkel STEALING TIME IS AMAZING My brother Craig used this phrase and I like it so I’ll use it too. I used to get up between 6:00 and 6:30am or earlier depending on when my kids came in to wake me up. I was always up late writing and I never knew […]

Band of Brothers

My Band of Brothers Extended Reading and Viewing List

Written By: Jon Finkel If you haven’t read Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose make it the next book on your list. I could write 2,000 words on why it belongs in the pantheon of books on men, war, US history, history in general, leadership, friendship, and on and on… But I won’t. Honestly, […]

Cal Fussman

A Quick Trip to Writer Geek Heaven with Esquire Legend Cal Fussman

Written By: Jon Finkel I’ve been reading Esquire Magazine for as long as I’ve been old enough to buy my own magazines. My favorite page in the entire publication, month after month, is the ‘What I’ve Learned’ interview by Cal Fussman. If you aren’t familiar, the questions are hidden and it’s written in a sort […]

Ahead of Arnold

Jocks In Chief Passes Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Magnum Opus

Written By: Jon Finkel Just wanted to write a quick ‘thank you’ to everyone who has bought Jocks In Chief so far. The book is doing extremely well and I couldn’t be prouder. It has been featured in the New York Post and lead to my live guest appearance on CBS This Morning last week that was seen […]

afraid of celebrating

How Schools Wage War on Achievement

Written By: Jon Finkel And the war on achievement continues… According to some school officials in Plano, Texas, honoring students in the National Honor Society is no longer an acceptable practice. Why? Because it could, possibly, maybe, make kids not in the honor society feel bad. Next up, we’re not going to give out gold, […]

hamilton ghostwriter

Why Alexander Hamilton Is The Best Ghostwriter Ever

By: Jon Finkel  I’m reading Ron Chernow’s immense, important and incredible book, Alexander Hamilton. You won’t believe me but the book has been sitting in my virtual library to read for about five years now, long before the new play became a Broadway and cultural blockbuster. It’s a behemoth of a book and deserves every […]