This is Why I Failed the 30-Day Sardine Challenge

For starters, screw the slimy little fish darts. To hell with their goopy guts and stringy spines and silvery, slippery skin. I don’t care how many Omega-3 fatty acids they have or about their healthy calcium content or even that they’re loaded with protein. Doesn’t matter to me that they’re good for your skin and […]


My Recently Uncovered 6th Grade Rap Honoring the Late 80s Red Sox

We moved a few months ago and occasionally when I need something in the garage I’ll find myself fishing through an old box of stuff that my parents sent me that was basically junk from my childhood that they no longer wanted to keep in their garage. 99% of it is worthless. But oh man, […]


Politicians Suck at Wearing Baseball Hats – I Examine Why

I’m going to borrow one of President Obama’s favorite verbal tics and open with this statement: let me be perfectly clear, this is NOT a feature about politics or policy or politicians’ policies. It’s about baseball hats. I don’t care what you think politically and I’m confident you don’t care what I think. What I’m […]

The Gunslinger

How Stephen King’s Books Saved Me From Being a Literary Loser

It began with picking up a used copy of The Gunslinger in Dave’s Olde Book Shop in Manhattan Beach all those years ago. Cool title. Cool cover. Or maybe it really began the first time I saw the boring-but-since-it-was-Stephen-King creepy cover of Misery. It could even have truly started with the It cover that used to scare the crap out […]

Pedro '99 All-Star Game

Why The ’99 MLB All-Star Game Will Always And Forever Be My Favorite

I Was There I think attendance is imperative to claiming that a specific sporting event is your favorite of all time. In this case, the ’99 Major League Baseball All-Star Game is the only MLB All-Star Game that I’ve been to… But so what? I am confident that if I went to every single All-Star […]

Me and my bobblehead

What It’s Like to Have Your Own Bobblehead Doll

In short, it’s really awesome. Usually only baseball players or famous athletes or members of KISS qualify for the full bobblehead treatment, but lucky for me, when I was best man at my brother’s wedding, he gave me a bobblehead doll with my likeness as a gift. The doll has been on my desk ever […]

Founding Fathers

My Five Favorite Biographies on the Founding Fathers

Joseph J. Ellis and Richard Brookhiser are my literary version of ’03-’04 Manny and Big Papi when it comes to US history. They knock every single book out of the park on the subject. I’ve been reading about the American Revolution as a side-hobby ever since I got out of college. This is all the […]

Shoe Dog

Phil Knight’s Nike Memoir Shoe Dog is Beyond Phenomenal and Here Are My Notes

Phil Knight’s memoir of his life and of Nike (both one and the same) is a must-read for so many different types of people it’s almost hard to keep track. Sneaker heads…. Track fans… Hoops fans… Pretty much anyone who follows sports would have some interest on some level… But this book is so much […]