324 Words On Old Men in Locker Rooms

If you change in a men’s locker room after working out on a regular basis, there are certain immutable laws of human nature that you observe, the first of which is that old guys don’t care about nudity. This is a fact and it’s just the way it is. No big deal, really. Like Adam […]

The Legend of Razor Shines – My 8th Grade Song/Poem/Ode

I found this song/poem/ode to Razor Shines in a box of my schoolwork in my parents’ garage before I recently moved. It was an assignment from an English class in 8th grade. My friends, all baseball fanatics, loved it. My teacher was confused. Reading it now, and taking into consideration that I didn’t have the […]

The Reverse Buffett Bracket

With all due respect to Nate Silver and the 538 crew, anybody with an old TI-82 can invent an algorithm and build a statistical model and use other math jargon I’ve never heard of to predict the winner of every NCAA Tournament game… What would be really impressive, however, is to pick the loser of […]

First Four No More. Enter: The Bubble Bracket

Thinking your team qualified for the NCAA Tournament, only to find out they’ve earned a spot in a play-in game, is like being told your MLB team is headed to the World Series, but then you discover they’ve actually won a spot in a stick ball game in the parking lot. Nobody cares about the […]

Googled For You: What is Titanfall and Is It Awesome?

It’s a video game and yes, it is. At least it looks awesome. I have two little kids, which makes playing a video game pretty much impossible… Here are the bullet points: 1) Titanfall was developed by the guys behind Call of Duty, another phenomenal-looking video game series I haven’t had the time to play. […]

Public Relations Pain & Gain & Derek Rose

The phrase “Derek Rose’s brother said” should have never entered the sports lexicon. Derek Rose has a website (www.drosehoops.com). Derek Rose has a blog. He has a Twitter handle, a Facebook page, a YouTube channel… He has so many ways to communicate that if he wanted to make an announcement about his playing status in […]

Did Doc Rivers Rip Off Rocky Balboa?

  My hometown Boston Celtics got a huge win against the Miami Heat last night. When asked how they won, Celtics Coach Doc Rivers gave what seemed like an off-the-cuff answer, but it turns out he may have had Rocky Balboa on his mind. As a fan of both the Celtics and Rocky, I think […]