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My Unbeatable Case for Why ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ is the #1 Workout Song of All Time

LL Cool J

Written by: Jon Finkel THAT OPEN Don’t call it a comeback!!!*  Oh, man. Has there ever been a more definitive, powerful declaration to start a song? Ever? Have the first five words of a song ever been sung with more anger/purpose/built-up rage? Have the first five words of a song ever said so much in so few syllables? “Don’t call it a comeback!” is concise …

My Band of Brothers Extended Reading and Viewing List

Band of Brothers

Written By: Jon Finkel If you haven’t read Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose make it the next book on your list. I could write 2,000 words on why it belongs in the pantheon of books on men, war, US history, history in general, leadership, friendship, and on and on… But I won’t. Honestly, the back cover description of the book itself still gives …

A Quick Trip to Writer Geek Heaven with Esquire Legend Cal Fussman

Cal Fussman

Written By: Jon Finkel I’ve been reading Esquire Magazine for as long as I’ve been old enough to buy my own magazines. My favorite page in the entire publication, month after month, is the ‘What I’ve Learned’ interview by Cal Fussman. If you aren’t familiar, the questions are hidden and it’s written in a sort of stream-of-consciousness style, with the subject (often the biggest names …