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“Unless you’re that rare guy who’s blessed with great genes and an amazing commitment to live at your local gym, being a dad – for all its joys – is going to lead you to a fatter, lethargic, out-of-shape you. Trust me – as a dad of three, I’m speaking from first-hand experience! Jon Finkel’s The Dadvantage isn’t just another clever workout gimmick – it’s a practical, fun and spot-on way to integrate exercise and healthy habits into your new job as a dad!”
Jim Higley, Author |
Bobblehead Dad: 25 Life Lessons I Forgot I Knew
2011 International Book Award Finalist

ForeWord Book of the Year Finalist

“As a dad, you can get so consumed with taking care of your kids that it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Then Jon Finkel’s The Dadvantage comes along and provides the perfect amount of guidance and humor to help you stay healthy while also being a father of young kids (who knew this was possible?). The advice and the fitness plan in this book are amazingly easy to incorporate into your parenting/work/life routine. In fact, I have followed many of the suggestions in the book for several weeks and I can already out-wrestle my two boys. Thanks, Jon.”
Justin Worsham, Comedian |
Host of The Dad Podcast

“Your wife just had a baby, your spare time is gone and you want to avoid getting fat. Read this book. The Dadvantage is funny, completely practical and effective. No more excuses dads.”
- Joe Wuebben |
Senior Editor, Muscle & Fitness magazine

“Like many first-time dads, I let my exercise and diet habits go to pot when my son arrived. I was just too tired and pressed for time during those first few weeks of being a dad to go to the gym and eat a healthy diet. Definitely going to be using the The Dadvantage plan for kid #2.”
- Brett McKay |
The Art of Manliness

“Are you a new or expectant Dad? Looking to get into an exercise routine on a schedule that now includes a baby? Then take 30 minutes or so, read Jonathan Finkel’s The Dadvantage and get back into shape. We, at Life of Dad, the social network for Dads, want you to enjoy the life of being a Dad. In order to do so, it takes staying in shape and eating well. Mr. Finkel sums up how to do it all, with his genuine, funny, straightforward tips in The Dadvantage. As Finkel says, “You’re a father now. You’re responsible for a life. Be responsible with your own.” Thanks, Jon, for helping give Dads out there with tips and routines to stay healthy in this hectic, fast-paced life we now call fatherhood…thanks for giving us all The Dadvantage!”
- Dan Lazarz |
Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Life of Dad